March 12th

Good morning. I hope and pray you have had a great week staying surrendered and following our Lord and Savior Jesus! It has been a good week and I hope you will bear with me and indulge me a little as this will be a longer post than usual. March 12th is a very special day for me and since this is my page, I get to write about it!

So back in 1992, I was attending UAB after not making it at Auburn (no I am not an Auburn fan and yes I was not supposed to be at Auburn – this is all another story for another time!). Anyway, I was taking a literature class at UAB, and the first day we all got into class and the class was full and closed. However, I noticed there was a small group of people begging the professor to let them take the class and then I focused in on one person in that group. She was a true American Beauty! So I watched as the professor allowed her into the class and told her to take a seat.

Well, the quarter started (yes we were on quarters and not semesters) and I noticed this beauty would always show up to class with the same guy. So I didn’t approach her for the first little while, but as I watched, they just did not go together. So one day, I walked out with her and struck up the conversation that would change my life. I asked her out and the date I picked was March 12th. She agreed!

I was living with my parents in Cahaba Heights, while she was living with her family in Chalkville. I setup to pick her up and bring her back to cook dinner and watch a movie. All the while, my family is still in the house and I am cooking dinner, We head to the Blockbuster to rent a movie (I do feel a lot older saying that), but I had late fees so I had my little sister tag along with us so I could use her card (I know what you are thinking, this guy is a real Casanova!). So I cook dinner, steak of course, and we watch the best movie of all time (at least to me). Point Break.

A great movie and a great night, and I got a second date out of the deal! So who is the Casanova now?! We actually went on a picnic the next date (a truly amazing picnic) and we went out every night the next week.

Fast forward 1 year, March 12th 1993. Blizzard (yes an actual blizzard) hits Birmingham. A truly memorable day in Birmingham for sure. Snowed in without power for days. Will never forget 3/12/1993. But it is not because of the now but because I proposed to that beauty that very night in my parents kitchen with my sister (the one an only one I have, whose Blockbuster card I used) and my mom looking around the corner! Not how I planned it but it had to be on March 12th and the ring was burning a hole in my pocket anyway! So Jenn Wilder and I were engaged! Utah and Pappas would be proud!

29 years we have been together and I love her more now than ever. I thank the Lord for how he guided everything back then and is still guiding us now, as our marriage is founded on the rock of Jesus Christ.

Jenn, I love you and I am so thankful for you! Thank you for loving me and being my soulmate! Happy 29 and Happy March 12th, our special day!

10 thoughts on “March 12th

  1. Amazing story! Think about how happy and blessed you both are and then think about all the things that had to happen for your paths to even cross and then what if you never started up a conversation? Good Stuff.

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  2. I love this story! And this little sister you speak of must be an amazing person 😘. And you left off the part of me rolling my hair in socks to truly impress Jenn (you know since I was grounded like always 😂). Love you Brudder!

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  3. God truly did bless you and us with our little Jenn! She’s a special woman and I love her dearly! March 12th is truly a special day! That night when you proposed was so special-especially since you knew your whole family was in the den listening! You are a special person too! I love the way you surrender your life each day to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I love you my son❤️❤️🎂

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  4. Just now saw this post. I remember this as if it was yesterday. What a great addition to our family Jen (d2) would become. Love u both so much and so thankful for both of u. Paw

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