Friday has arrived

Good morning. Whew, what a week. Been good but busy. A couple of things to share with you. New song from one of my favs, JUDAH!

Next thing to share, If you are not watching “The Chosen”, I would challenge you to. It is so good. Season 2 just started, 3 episodes in. They released 2 episodes this week and let me tell you, the end of the third episode really hit me hard. Worth your time for sure.

Lastly, possibly my favorite band (definitely top3 ) is NEEDTOBREATHE. Today they released a Live album that is EXCELLENT!

So there you go, on this share Friday, three things for you to enjoy. I hope and pray each of you have a great weekend. Serve the Lord well! I am here if you need prayer, please let me know. I am reading a book on intercessory prayer that is challenging me for sure. So, that being said, I would consider it an honor to be able to pray for you! Love you, stay surrendered!

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